• Tommi Juvonen (vocals)
  • Antti Pimperi (drums)
  • Ville Viitala (guitar)
  • Teemu Miinala (guitar & vocals)
  • Heikki Kakko (guitar)
  • Lasse Launimaa (keyboards)
  • Markku Kerosalo (bass)


Band was formed in spring 2003 by Teemu Miinala (guitar) and Tommi Peura (bass). Vocalist (Tommi Juvonen), drummer (Antti Pimperi) and second guitarist (Ville Viitala) joined the band later that year. The first gigs were also played during that period of time. In early 2004 another guitarist (Ville Miinala) and a keyboardist (Lasse Launimaa) joined the group, which made the band’s original sound pretty massive having now 7 members. In spring 2006 Ville Miinala was replaced by Heikki Kakko and in autumn 2007 bass-player Markus Muranen replaced Tommi Peura. In May, 2010, at the age of just 23, Markus Muranen took his own life leaving friends and family in deep grief. In July 2010, Matti Kössö joined the group and picked up the bass and later in 2011 became a permanent member. In February 2013 band’s road with bassist Matti came to an end and it was time to thank him for the effort. On the verge of summer the search for new bassist was over. Markku Kerosalo joined the band.


Previous members:

Matti Kössö 2010-2013
Markus Muranen (R.I.P.) 2007-2010
Tommi Peura 2003-2007
Ville Miinala 2004-2006